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Circular Saw Blade For Aluminum

Sell CIRCULAR SAW BLADE for Aluminum

We sell CIRCULAR SAWBLADE FOR ALUMINUM which is a saw blade that is used to cut materials such as aluminum and brass not for iron. This CIRCULAR SAWBLADE consists of several sizes:

02LU5E - 0200250x2,8/ x32Z=100
03LU5E - 0300255x2,8/2,2x25,4Z=100 T.CHIP
04LU5E - 0400250x2,8/2,2x25,4Z=120 T.CHIP
05LU5E - 0500300x3,0/2,5x30Z=100
06LU5E - 0600305x3,0/2,5x25,4Z=120 T.CHIP
07LU5E - 0900350x3,0/2,5x30Z=100 T.CHIP
08LU5E - 1100350x3,0/2,5x30Z=120 T.CHIP